Aquifolium Forest Gin

Aquifolium Forest Gin: Cold Compound Gin (40% a.b.v)

To celebrate World Gin Day and the launch of our social enterprise we have created an ultra small batch foraged wild gin.

This gin uses a premium neutral base spirit to which is added a range of wild and locally foraged herbs and spices. This is made in the old and traditional method of ‘cold compounding’ or ‘bath tub’. Ingredients are added cold to the spirit and left to infuse. Hence the colour tinge to the spirit. We added ingredients one by one, building up the layers of flavour and stopping when it was just right. In that way we can blend the flavours and aromas to perfection. We then left it to age and let the flavours combine. All ingredients are foraged and harvested from local sources: juniper, lavender, rosemary, melissa, douglas fir, norway spruce, wild alexanders, wild cecily and a dozen other wild herbs. This spirit has a lovely forest green tint to it and is very dry. We have also created an oak-aged version too called Forn.



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