What we do on our introductory walks

Our Forest Bathing exercises are drawn from a huge variety of sources: from the cutting edge current right back into the dawn of our ancestry. It is all but impossible to gift anyone but a slight taste of the possible uses and benefits of the practice. However, all sessions – no matter now advanced or ‘basic’ stem from the same three-fold source:


  • Our senses are the means by which we connect with the world, others and ourselves. We cannot hope to make sense of life without them. We have many senses, we only use a few, and of those few we use them less than we could.


  • This is the great, nourishing amphitheatre in which we all operate. As therapists we mainly create the right circumstances and hold people in a way that lets nature do the work. Our disconnection with ourselves and other around us is, in part, symptoms of our disconnection with the source from where we all come from: Mother Nature. Its not hippy dippy, its science fact.


  • Ruminating about the Past, Fearing the Future or various shades in between simply means we can be absent from the ‘now’. The Present is a gift and where life is (not was or will be). We create a permissive space and activities, including Mindfulness, that place you fully in the Present. Its powerful, life affirming stuff.

Forest Bathing, we feel, is the immersive intersection between these three fundamentals. All our sessions try to articulate this whilst taking in the atmosphere of the forest.

Our Introductory Walks should really be call ‘Fundamental Forest Bathing’ – because it encapsulates the three elements, perfectly, simply within about 90 minutes. And the things you learn on a single session you can take away and quickly and easily incorporate into your life.

Of course this session is just a start. If we were to use a metaphor: these sessions are like standing, thirsty, under a huge tap from which drips the purest, coolest spring water you have tasted. Its amazing. But only a drip. Deeper forest immersions can let you turn the tap on to fully quench your thirst. These sessions are just tantalising tasters of what is on offer!

The AQ Team.

p.s. If you want to know more about Forest Bathing and the evidence behind it please click here

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