Snowed in with time to reconnect

One of the ‘upsides’ of living in the wilds is that we can really catch the weather.

Unseasonal snow fall might have caught us on the hop a bit but it has done two good things.

It has forced the hurly burly of busy modern life and our crowded Isle beyond our horizon. All of a sudden the world has emptied. We are temporarily living in a bubble devoid of traffic noise and people. The landscape is muffled and private. Its as if someone has turned the clocks back to a simpler, less cluttered era.

It has also brought the family in closer together, marooned in splendid isolation. Yes, if it was for a long period of time then I am sure cabin-fever might create frictions. But for now there is little in the way of connection with the outside world. We are left with some shared tasks of collecting firewood, clearing paths, making snow creatures and pointing out the wild beauty of ice and snow formations as we wander around the forest. Back at home we nestle in front of the fire and read by candlelight. Internet is down – and with that also goes the tv and the telephone. All of a sudden we are doing things together partly because we have no choice, partly because the other things we do are absent but mostly bwcause there is a shared purpose now. A 7 mile round-trip to the nearest shop on foot through the forest also requires a degree of resolve despite its beauty!


It also gave us an opportunity to fashion some simple snow shoes for the kids so we did not lose them in snowdrifts!

These are simply made from rowan, spruce root, raffia and some leather laces.


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