The song of trees

The crack of branches bent too far

The rustle of leaves spring, summer or fall

The soprano of limbs rubbing

The groan of trunks bending in a gale

The gentle kiss of leaves falling on the ground

The fizz of wind through pine

The quake of a storm through aspen

The flap of a breeze through hazel

The slap of a gust through willow

The shock of a twig snapping

The clatter and gush of autumn leaves eddying in the wind

This hiss of rain on spindle snakewood

The patter of drips from chestnut leaves after a gust

The foil-like crunch of the understory of dead holly leaves

The crash of a falling ash

The thrash of trees in a wild storm

The flutter of Fall

The sigh of a forest at the end of a blisteringly hot day

The moan of naked trees in a winter gale

The blustery whoosh of hawthorn at the forest edge

The bristle of hoary stems chaffing

The cry of bending branches before breaking

The whip of a twiggy release

The plunk of a limb falling into still water

The drum of hail on the forest canopy

The baritone echo of a hollow tree

The hammer of woodpecker on dead spruce

The spongy suck of dry forest soil after a summer downpour

The explosion of lightening hitting an oak

The plink of a caught thorn

The snagging of bramble stems

The breeze though popular down as it hugs its twig

The silence of the snowy forest

The swish of bracken

The pop of conkers dropping from their shells

Wood splitting before a trunk fails and falls

The thud of a long dead birch falling onto mossy ground

The plonk of a crab apple shedding its fruit

The trickle of running water down the trunk of an alder and into a stream

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