Woodland / Land-Owner ‘Bushcraft Business Diversification’

With over four decades of experience in bushcraft teaching, instructor / leader training and set-up/running of wilderness  / bushcraft schools we are now in a position to offer woodland / landowners a turnkey consultancy on extending or diversifying their rural agricultural, tourism or accommodation business to provide professionally run bushcraft experiences on their land.

We can provide an end-to-end solution or a pick-and-mix  / pay-as-you go set of options covering all aspects of setting up and running these experiences.

  • Site selection & site survey (including ecology and environmental considerations)
  • Risk assessment, health & safety (site, activities, participation)
  • Legal, insurance and assurance framework
  • Teaching theory & practice
  • Group dynamics and management. Consideration for specific client needs and adjustments.
  • Bushcraft basics: Fire, Water, Shelter
  • Cutting and Cordage (including knife safety, types of knots etc)
  • Greenwood working, carving and woodland crafts
  • Foraging – plants & edibles, poisons
  • Campcraft (including cooking by fire, types of firelay, safe axe use, felling, limbing and snedding with axes)
  • Camp hygiene (food safety and toileting)
  • Tracking and wildlife observation
  • Forest Bathing & Wellbeing in the Woods
  • Tertiary enrichment and team activities
  • Equipment
  • Instructor/Course Leader Job Description / Specification and optional shortlisting and interviewing for job applicants for running courses/experiences on site.
  • Pricing experiences and cost considerations.
  • Marketing & Comms

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