Five Ways to Wellbeing

We recognise, endorse and support the NHS Five Ways to Wellbeing as one of the national frameworks that helps design, deliver and shape our work.



Connecting with ourselves, our environment and others is incredibly important. Connection not only allows for the development of relationships that nurture and nourish it also, by reducing isolation, helps increase our resilience.

Many, although not all, our work engages groups of people – either as groups of individuals or by interest, circumstance or need. We help couples, family groups and teams connect with each other in a natural, non-judgemental and neutral environment.

Most of our work is designed for people to connect with themselves through connecting with the natural environment.

Be active

Moving our body helps stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. We use a range of activities – from the most gentle through to some of the most vigorous. Whilst we don’t use movement as an end in itself we use different tempo activities that support dexterity, balance, posture, breathing, mindfulness, flow, ecstasy and exuberance.

Take Notice

Being fully present in the moment – stopping ruminating on the past and fearing the future – is one of the trio of tools we use in our nature-based therapeutic work. Through the use of our senses, triggering our sense of awe and wonder in nature and using various ‘presencing’ techniques, including mindfulness encourages our clients to live more and appreciate the present.

Keep Learning

Learning keeps your mind young, its encourages curiosity and excitement about discovery. We not only teach people useful skills but also how to become more resilient, to understand themselves more. We teach about nature so people learn to appreciate it more the importance of their connection with it. Skills, knowledge, experiential learning.


Kindness, compassion, doing and inspiring good in others for others and the environment is a gift we offer and encourage. We are a social enterprise – and core to that is giving back to society and to nature.