Craft Forest Gin Kit


An ideal gift for anyone who likes craft gin. Just add vodka in a couple of days sip your own craft gin. We have combined some traditional gin ingredients with hand foraged forest herbs to give a unique but delicious forest gin using the traditional ‘cold compound’ or bath tub method.

The kit comes with full instructions and nearly everything you need:

  • A Kilner infusion jar
  • Two gin spice and herb infusion bags: one contains high quality juniper. The other contains: Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Melissa, wild Bay, forest water-mint, orange zest, wild lavender, wild thyme, wild chamomile, coriander seed, bramble and nettle.  We also include some loose, whole juniper berries to supplement the gin-bags.
  • A couple of small filters
  • A high quality steel mini funnel
  • A hazel tree muddler (stirrer)
  • Blank label for your bottle
  • Full instructions.

All for £15 plus P&P

Just add good vodka, keep and reuse the bottle for the gin.

Main kit (minus the gin spices, for which you can buy replacements, can be reused)

Please note that the infusion method of gin making gives a tint to the gin – this usually ranges from light green to deep gold depending on infusion time and spices/herbs used.


We also provide upgrade kit that includes toasted oak chips in an infusion bag to lightly oak-age your gin if you prefer. This costs £2

We also sell replacement gin bags for £5 a pair so the kit can be reused.

Please use the contact form if you are interested in this kit. We can also send direct to someone as a gift with an enclosed message.