Whittling in the Woods

We undertake many mindfulness activities in the woods. We are especially interested in what we call double-loop activities – those which mutually re-inforce each other. By this we mean activities that reconnect ourselves with nature at the same time as reconnecting ourselves with ‘self’. This could also mean that a particular activity works on several different levels but are connected in some way. This is one of the distinct qualities of our work

In these sessions we carve items from wood. This is a mindfulness exercise that is based on ‘flow‘. This intense activity is not only a practical skill, it has a mental, spiritual, environmental and even cultural context. It connects carvers on many levels to themselves and to nature. It is also intensely rewarding.

Here, the point is not to make anything of great accomplishment – although you are welcome to – it is the act of ‘being’ whilst carving. If you leave the session with a serenity and just a pile of wood shavings at your feet then this will be fantastic.

We host these sessions deep in the forest, surround by trees, with a campfire serving endless tea and coffee.

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